About Us

Health Care 2000 is a Miami-based software development firm that specializes in health information technology. To date, the company services hundreds of medical centers by offering a safe and secure platform to create and store electronic health records and to facilitate patient care coordination. Our physician practice management and billing systems, as well as our customized financial consulting services, provide medical practices with the administrative tools needed to effectively manage payer relationships with the ultimate goal of maximizing a medical practice’s revenue cycle. With over twenty years of combined experience in health care finance and software development, Health Care 2000 is an industry expert when it comes to delivering information management solutions to health care providers.
Why Health Care 2000?
Accessibility and flexibility are the cornerstones to Health Care 2000’s business philosophy. As a closely-held private company, Health Care 2000 works directly with our clients to not only service their technical and information management needs, but also to enhance the value of our product line. Health Care 2000 greatly values our client’s feedback and real-life experience in both the practice of medicine and business of managing a medical practice. This feedback is evaluated on a continuous basis by our team of experts as we relentlessly work to innovate and implement new solutions that will add value to our clients. For these reasons, Health Care 2000 is not simply a technology firm, but a company that understands the operational and regulatory challenges facing the health care industry and its stakeholders.
Martin Gonzalez
VP Operations
Marisa Juliachs
IT Director
Luis M. Martinez