MDVita is an ONC-ATCB certified electronic health record (EHR) specially designed for the value-based care provider. The application contains six modules that are essential for the successful management of the modern medical office in today’s quality-driven environment:

  • Value-Based Care Practice Management

  • Revenue Cycle Management

  • Electronic Health Record

  • Electronic Prescribing

  • Performance Measurement, Service Quality Assessments and Medicare Risk Adjustment Tracking Tools

  • Customized Utilization Reports

Provided below are some examples of the functional features contained in the MDVita application:

Patient Appointment Scheduler: Enables users to cancel, reschedule, transfer appointments and set transportation schedules as well as verify real-time membership eligibility for all patients listed on the scheduler. Our developers have designed convenient icons to provide users with a quick snapshot of the status of each patient’s appointment in one quick glance.

Office Dashboard: Manages the number of appointments on a daily basis and tracks the total time patients spend with a health care provider at each stage of their visit. This tool not only provides a comprehensive overview of the patient’s medical chart, but it also allows health care providers and their office managers to effectively oversee internal clinical work flows while simultaneously providing direct access to the patient’s electronic clinical note module.

Electronic Clinical Note: Automates many of the functions that normally take place during a care event, including, but not limited to, the automatic calculation and recording of a patient’s BMI and blood pressure values. Detailed documentation of the clinical note is facilitated through the use of user-friendly custom designed templates and text fields that allow providers to report symptoms presented by patients with ease.

Referral: Populates automatically from referral requests documented through the electronic clinical note and can be submitted electronically through our proprietary portal for insurance verification. Referral completion status can also be monitored through our office dashboard tool.

Billing: Generates automatically and can be readily submitted through our proprietary portal for review and subsequent transmission to the medical provider’s designated payers. As with referrals, claim and encounter statuses can also be tracked via our office dashboard tool.