Other Products & Services

ACO Data Warehouse

Health Care 2000 has developed a proprietary system designed to service the unique needs of ACOs. Key components of this application include the ability to receive and manage beneficiary assignments issued by CMS and data sharing authorizations executed by beneficiaries. To service organizational and financial management needs, our system is capable of securely transmitting and receiving financial data directly from CMS, which can then be readily sorted to create customized reports via our powerful built-in analytical tool

Financial Analysis Services

Health Care 2000 provides customized financial consulting and data analysis services to our clients. Our team of in-house health care finance professionals are equipped with the experience and analytical tools needed to assist providers and their staff with effectively managing their medical practices. We have a specific expertise in advising health care providers operating under risk contracts with private payer Medicare Advantage plans and other value driven payment arrangements.

MDOffice Data Bank

The MD Office Data Bank is an independent application that provides physicians with the ability to efficiently manage revenue cycles associated with their medical practice’s multiple lines of business. With this powerful analytical tool, providers are able to manipulate financial data into customizable reports to better facilitate the seamless management of their medical practices. Important features of the system include, but are not limited to, the ability to create reports based on claim counts, average costs, paid amounts, funding reports, and key expenses.